Frequently Asked Questions

How do spray tans work?

Spray tan products use dihydroxyacetone (DHA).  When applied to the skin, it creates a tanned appearance by developing a brown color on the skin.  DHA only affects the upper layer of skin.

What is DHA?

DHA is the active ingredient found in all sunless tanning products. It is a simple carbohydrate that is primarily used as an ingredient in sunless tanning products. It is often derived from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane, and by the fermentation of glycerin. DHA does not make your skin cells darker in pigmentation, but rather reacts with the proteins and amino acids found in the top layer of your skin to create a darkening effect or ‘sunless tan’.

Is it safe/healthy?

 It is definitely a healthier alternative to UV beds! The products in my solution are paraben free, gluten free, 100% vegan, nut allergy free and very skin friendly!

How long will my spray tan last?

This depends on your skin’s natural exfoliation process and the before and after care of your tan. Most spray tans will last 5-7 days.
Following a good skincare regimen before and after your spray tan will help it last longer. Exfoliating prior to application and moisturizing after is essential. I have products specifically made for spray tans that will help extend the life of your spray tan.

You come to me?

Yes!  You tell me when/where and I bring everything needed to make you look fabulous!  The only thing you need to provide is an electrical outlet.

How long do I have to wait to swim in a pool, hot tub or ocean?

You should avoid these activities for the first 48 hours after receiving your spray tan.  Chlorine and water can increase the rate in which the skin exfoliates causing your tan to fade rapidly.

I have sensitive skin, should I be concerned about a reaction?

If you think you might have a reaction to the spray tan, I am happy to test a patch of skin before we administer a full body spray.  We can even schedule a pre-session trial before scheduling a full session.

I’m pregnant! Is it safe for me?

Even though the products I use are non-toxic and free of all kinds of things like parabens, gluten and sulfate…I recommend that you consult with your OB/GYN before having a spray tan.  You would do that with anything else, right?

Will it rub off on my clothes?

You must remain naked for 24 hours. KIDDING!  Some of the bronzer may rub off on clothing and sheets. To minimize transfer, I recommend wearing loose, dark colored clothing after your session.  Refrain from activity that will make you sweat until you are able to shower. Sweating can cause streaking.  The product I use is water-soluble, so it should wash out of clothing.  It could, however, stain light hair, wool, spandex, lycra, silks and other fine fabrics.

Still have questions?  Please contact me.

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